Configure Phone for Remote Access Via Web GUI (option 1)

  • Log into web GUI of phone at https://<ipaddress>
  • Enter your credentials. Default is admin/admin. After provisioning these will be changed by ITSVoIP. Contact support for credentials if needed.
  • Click on Features
  • Click on Remote Control
  • In the field Action URI Allow IP List enter any or "IP address or your PC", then click ‘Confirm’.
  • Click Confirm

Configure Phone for Remote Access Via Overrides (option 2)

Add the following override to your Advanced page in Manager Portal or NDP


Access Phone Screen

  • From any web browser navigate to https://<ipofphone>/screencapture
  • You will be prompted for a user name and password. These are the same as the web GUI credentials. Contact support if you do not have them
  • The first time, for security consideration, the phone will display a message "Allow remote control?".  Please press ‘OK’. Then repeat step 3.
  • The screen will refresh with the same image that is present on the phone's screen